Ajay Mutha Founder Director

About Founder Director:

Ajay Mutha is a first generation entrepreneur whose vision has led to the formation of Shree Enterprises. Ajay has over twenty years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He is committed to providing excellence both in trading and customer service and takes an active daily role in liaising with customers. Ajay is always available to discuss your specific needs and welcomes all comments on how Shree can continue to improve our service to you.

Ajay identified in 1996, that there is a huge gap in healthcare practitioners and biomedical instrumentation companies market. Millions are spent by huge giants in the market and still the Hospital Administrators go uninformed and continue to follow what is available in the market. But Ajay and his team which is more over like a family are that bridging force at Shree Enterprises who bridge this huge gap through their unique approach, business relations and analytical solutions.